VIP Medical Membership


VIP Discount Medical Membership program is for anyone without health insurance, for those with high-deductible insurance plans and those with insufficient insurance coverage. And just because our discount medical plan makes healthcare affordable to all including the self employed, students and single parents don't think for a second the plan offers anything less than the service your family, loved ones and friends deserve. In fact, our VIP Discount Medical Membership program offers many of the conveniences and services offered by "Concierge Type" medical programs that charge thousands more.



Check out some of the conveniences our "discounted medical plan" offers:

  • All Office Visit Fees $30.00
  • All Walk In Urgent Care Visit Fees $45.00
  • Same day visits when you need immediate attention 7 days a week
  • Morning, Evening and Weekend appointments
  • Urgent Care visits
  • Unlimited doctor visits
  • Discounted in-house pharmacy. Most medications 20.00
  • No pre existing condition exclusion
  • Membership can be canceled at any time

VIP Medical Membership program is NOT INSURANCE. It is a Membership Program with low monthly dues and reduced-price office visit fees. Members are entitled to unlimited visits to our primary care family practice and urgent care walk-in medical center for many procedures and on site tests commonly offered at primary care offices and walk-in facilities.

Costs of Membership: 3 month membership fee due at sign up

  • 60.00 per month for individuals

Some Covered Services Available to Members:

  • Annual Physical, EKG, Lab Testing (performed in house), Pap Smear for females 
    (exclusive of lab fee) 
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Unlimited in house lab studies (strep test, pregnancy test, Urine Dipstick and others)
  • X-Rays of chest, back, neck, arms, legs and sinus
  • Ultrasound abdomen, carotids, venous, arterial, pelvis, breasts, thyroid (pregnancy ultrasound requires an order from a licensed Obstetrician)
  • EKG's
  • Lung Capacity Testing (Pulmonary Function Testing)
  • 24 Hour Heart Monitors
  • Removal of ear wax
  • Dermatology, Yearly Skin Exams, Biopsy of Moles
  • Gynecology, Pap Smears, Infections, Birth Control
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling and Weight Loss
  • Employment, Camp and School Physicals
  • Travel Medicine Advice
  • Much, Much More. (see contract for details)

Services That Are Not Covered:

Members are responsible for paying any charges incurred outside of our VIP Medical Walk-In Clinics’ facility. As such, emergency department care, ambulance services, hospital fees, pathology fees, prescriptions not covered in office, tests processed at outside labs, specialists, and diagnostic radiology (MRIs, CAT scans, X-Rays.) will be billed by the facility providing the specific service or services and are not included in the VIP Medical membership fee or office visit fee. Members do frequently receive discounted fees for these services performed by outside establishments.

Where VIP Membership Can Be Used:

VIP Membership can only be used at our facility located at 2645 SW 37 ave, Miami, Fl 33133 and does not cover services provided at other locations.

How to Sign Up for Membership:

Sign up could not be easier! Best of all sign up today and begin receiving the benefits of membership immediately. Our application is a one page simple form and can be completed in minutes. Provide us with information to facilitate automatic bank account withdrawal or provide us with a credit card for monthly billing and affordable, convenient, quality medical care is available now. Click here in order to sign up for membership.