All Natural Herpes Treatment

  • Helps reduce herpes breakouts
  • May assist in prevention of STD's

A physician formulated combination of  vitamin, herb, amino acid, essential mineral and probiotics:

 “Several natural products have been used by various cultures for thousands of years in an effort to fight off diseases of all types, including sexually transmitted diseases. Unable to find a single product that contained the dosages of these 100% natural supplements that I felt was potentially most beneficial I formulated my own product for my patients. Many patients have reported positive results especially in the reduction of break outs of herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2.”

Harris Mones, D.O.
Board Certified Physician 



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Anyone diagnosed with an STD should be treated, avoid sexual activity while being treated, notify all recent sexual partners, complete the course of any medications prescribed, and have follow-up testing as recommended by your doctor. 

It is important to remember that MDVIT is not a cure or an isolated treatment / prevention option. MDVIT cannot and should not be used instead of conventional care. Even during treatment, STDs remain highly contagious and the necessary precautions to prevent transmission to sexual partners must be taken. 

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