Online Medical Consult

Dr. Mones provides on-line medical consultations to both new patients and established patients in the practice. One free consult per year is provided to established patients. Consults for new patients and additional consults for established patients are charged at $50.00 each. If you would like to arrange an Internet consultation during normal hours of operation, please contact our office at (305) 448-8134. After hours, new patients should call (305) 494-0536 to arrange for a consultation.

Consultations are responded to within 24 hours by the doctor. This service is provided for non emergent conditions only. If you have symptoms of an emergent matter you should call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

When performing an on-line consultation, a physical examination which is often required to support the medical decision process and confirm a diagnosis, can not be performed. Therefore, in many instances, especially if you are a new patient to the practice, you may be advised to visit Dr. Mones or another health care provider. If you choose to follow up with Dr. Mones, the cost of the on-line consultation will be credited toward your bill in the office. During an on-line consultation Dr. Mones will provide medical advice, suggestions and if required, assistance with finding additional health-care providers. In certain situations when and where medically appropriate, treatment may be provided. All treatment of new patients will require follow up with either Dr. Mones or the health-care provider of your choice.

Dr. Mones will provide you with a medical questionnaire form which needs to be completed correctly in its entirety in order to help make your on-line consultation most productive.

If you have lab and or other diagnostic test results Dr. Mones is happy to receive them as part of your data on the questionnaire. However, Dr. Mones is dependent on you for their completeness and accuracy. Interpretation of diagnostic studies usually must be combined with a physical examination and therefore any interpretation we give is at best limited and restricted.

A password is required to obtain consultations. Please contact our office as suggested above in order to obtain your password. Once you have received your password please click here to begin your on-line physician consultation.

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