Patient Testimonials



Zhen Lieu

We have been to Dr. Mones urgent care several times. He literally is the best doctor my boyfriend and I have ever seen since we came to this contry four years ago. He is extremely knowledgable and knows what he is doing. My condition was significantly improved after his treatment. His staff are all very nice and welcoming. We strongly recommend Dr Mones office

Lilian Madero

Estoy muy agradecida con la nina que atiende en el front desk llamada Gina, tiene muy buena aptitud, una sonrrisa y esta dispuesta a dar cualquier informacion. OJALA SIEMPRE ESTE ALLI. En general el servivio de todos es muy bueno. Estoy super contenta con el equipo de trabajo que aqui opera I am be very grateful with the girl to that Gina attends in the front desk called, it has very good aptitude, a sonrrisa and this one ready to give any information. OJALA ALWAYS THIS THERE. In general the service of all is very good. I am super release with the equipment of work that here operates


Juan Carlos Perez

For almost two years now I have been under the care of Dr. Harris Mones and his extremely qualified staff, particularly P.A. Vanessa Giraldo. Every time I have been at their office, whether for a regular check-up or for an urgent matter (they have emergency hours that are so convenient), I've been treated in the most respectable and professional way. The doctor, the P.A.s and the medical assistants take their time to speak with the patient, discuss options, and then follow-up by phone. Medical records are available for the patient with no hassle. This is simply a terrific clinic




This is the best doctor's office in Miami. Dr Mones cares!!!!!!!!!! Nurse Abraham is professional and fun at the same time. You couldn't find a better doctor's office in Miami.
Victoria Prime
I liked this place. The people are very nice and attentive to you. the nurse that took care of me, his name is Abraham and he is a sweet heart, Dr Mones as well. very professional and educated! Got cleared for surgery and lab results are done quickly 3 days the most... clean, high teck A1A, XO
Cath ‎ - Sep 14, 2011

OMG I'm so glad that I found this clinic. The staff is great and helpful. Christa was great and her nurse too I think her name was ISA. She draw my blood and she was great + she is super sweet. I recommend this clinic to anyone.


Amber ‎ - Oct 13, 2010

     Best doctor!!! I live on the west coast but am currently visiting Miami. Something came up and I needed some medical care. I quickly did a search online and ended up at the office of Dr Mones. Wow, did I get lucky!. Dr. Mones is the most caring, nice and helpful doctor I've ever met. Him and his staff treated me with great respect and made me feel very comfortable. It is very obvious that he truly cares about his patients and loves what he does. I felt like I was in good hands. Now if only I can get him and his staff to move to Seattle?

A Google User ‎ - Jun 5, 2010

     When you need a doc, this is it! Sometimes you have to wait, as in anywhere in Miami, but is well worth the wait. This doctor is knowledgeable, thorough and the most accessible doctor in the area. The staff is friendly and they get you what you need.

Cassie ‎ - Apr 18, 2010

     Dr Mones, Amazing Physician! I have never been to see Dr. Munes before today, his office is closed because it is a Sunday. I never believed in a million years that anyone would even answer the phone. I figured I could have just left a message and maybe I could get a call back on Monday. Dr. Munes answered the call and was able to talk to me about what was going on over the phone. He told me that he could see me today at his house, which is a very close drive to mine. I am just so amazed with the dedication and care he gives his patients and on top of it just a wonderful person to deal with. I highly recommend Dr Munes and its wonderful to know there are still great doctors out there that care! Cassie

Matt ‎ - Feb 3, 2010

     Best Doctor in Miami I moved to Miami recently and needed a new Doctor. After asking around,Dr. Harris Mones came highly recommended and I can tell you first hand he is an excellent doctor. I was extremely satisfied with my last visit and am very pleased I have found a family practice that has met and exceeded my expectations of what I look for in a family doctor.

A Google User ‎ - Jul 27, 2009

     Dr Harris mones is the best family doctor I have ever seen I have been to many doctors , to many to count, I hated going to any doctors office but when I found Dr, Mones I almost look forward to going to his office. His staff is supper friendly and you feel so comfortable that just being there is a pleasure which is a rare thing for a doctors office. He has helped me more than any 20 doctors combined. I spent a fortune on a plethora of doctors going multiple times to there office just to feel worse. This man with one visit pretty much renewed my face in the medical community as long as that community is at his office. He is very knowledgeable and he actually cares about his patients . This man changed my life for the better and I highly recommend him to anyone.

A Google User ‎ - Jul 2, 2009

     Dr. Mones Dr. Mones is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever known. He is thorough and takes whatever time is necessary to make you feel comfortable. My entire family and office staff uses Dr. Mones and all cannot stop singing his praises. He even makes housecalls. The only health care reform we need in this country is more doctors like Dr. Mones

A Google User ‎ - Jun 9, 2009

     Doc Harris Mones Doctor Mones, is by far the best doctor I have ever come across, this man knows so much about so many different issues , he is like a one stop shop when it comes to medicine. He is such an expert at just about anything that could possibly be wrong with you. The man has saved me more times that I can count, his staff is incredibly polite and helpful and the best part about him is that he actually cares about his patients. A rare thing in doctors these days, he's not about the money ,he's about helping and caring for his patients. I would recommend him to anybody who want's to be actually cared for, I would trust him with my family , friends and children. Dr Harris Mones is one of those rare doctors that you just don't find anymore and I am a better person for knowing him. sincerely AL'x albisa

A Google User ‎ - Feb 28, 2009

     Expertise & genuine caring When I have needed help with diagnosing/caring for a condition, Dr.Mones does it for me. It has been hard to find a good doctor much less a great doctor. Dr. Mones handles stuff without sending me thru the mill and runaround, thus saving time, money, stress (the cause of a lot of suffering), and energy! I could not live without him. Thank you Dr. Mones. Thanks again.

alex ‎ - Feb 10, 2009

     Great Doctor Dr. Mones is one of the best Doctors I have ever had. He takes the time to explain things to you, will joke around with you to make you more comfortable, especially if he sees you getting anxious. As far as punctionality, he's the same as any Doctor, if you get there early you wont have to wait long, if you get there at the end of the day, there will probably be a build up. And thats mostly because he doesn't treat the office like a factory, he doesn't just get you in there and spit you out, if you have questions he will take all the time neccessary to make sure you understand. Oh yeah, his staff was pretty good too, they helped me with a problem I had with my insurance once (United Healthcare), and fixed it right away. Thank you Dr. Mones for everything you do!