School Physical, Camp Physical, Sport Physical Miami

We perform school physicals, camp physicals and sports physicals in Miami for students and campers of all ages from those beginning elementary school for the first time to those entering post doctorate programs. Many schools and camps require school physicals and camp physicals to be certain students are up to date with their immunizations and are free of communicable diseases. We offer same day appointments to assist you with completion of your sports, camp or school physical examination.

It is best to have your school, camp or sports physical exam performed 4- weeks prior to the deadline. Although in  most circumstances the examination and the required testing can be completed in 24 hours or less, occasionally more time is needed for supplemental testing and / or referral to a specialists office. Be certain you remember to bring the form the school provided you along to our office at the time of your examination.

Other students may be seeking a sports physical required to participate in school sponsored sporting events. The sports physical is requested by the school to ensure that it is safe for the student to participate in a particular sport. Many states require that both teenagers and kids undergo a sports physical before they begin a new sport and others simply require it at the start of the school year.

The sports physical, camp physical and sport physical, like most doctor exams consists of two major parts, the medical history and the physical examination. The medical history consists of questions such as allergies, current medication usage, prior surgeries, family history and significant past medical history including injuries and illnesses. Questions about medications you are taking, dietary supplements, steroid use or alcohol use may be asked depending on the age of the patient. Additionally you will be expected to answer questions as to any symptoms that you might currently be experiencing such as chest pains, abdominal pains, problems with your vision etc. Oftentimes this information may be answered by you or your parent on a form prior to coming into the medical professionals office.  

Additionally, you will be asked to provide records of prior immunizations / vaccinations. It is very important that you obtain all your prior vaccination records and bring them along with you at the time of your visit. This will enable the doctor to determine what vaccinations if any are missing and avoid you having to receive unnecessary vaccinations. As all vaccinations have possible side effects it is always best to avoid them if you have already received adequate vaccinations.

The second portion of the school physical, camp physical or sports physical consists of the physical examination. During this part of the school physical, camp physical or sports physical the medical assistant will obtain your weight, height, temperature and blood pressure. The doctor will than perform the remainder of the examination which may include vision testing, hearing testing, checking your heart, lungs ears, abdomen, musculoskeletal system and whatever else is requested on the physical form or the physician deems necessary.

Some schools may require an electrocardiogram be performed as part of your school or sports physical. This is a simple test done in office that does not hurt and takes less than 15 minutes to perform. Additional testing may be suggested if the doctor performing your school, camp or sports physical deems it nectary based on you history or physical exam.

The sports physical is performed in order to determine that you are fit to participate in the sport in question. If certain illnesses are discovered the doctor may have some suggestions on how to improve your condition so that you may participate more fully. In the rare circumstance where a problem is discovered that the doctor feels participating in your sport may place your health in jeopardy he may disallow or delay participation in that sport or suggest further diagnostic testing and / or specialty referral. It is most unlikely that you will be disqualified from participation as the main goal of the sports physical is to ensure safe participation not to disqualify you from participating.
The doctor may offer suggestions to help you avoid injuries such as stretching or strengthening exercises.

Once the doctor is satisfied that your examination is complete he will fill out and sign the required form for you to return to your school or camp.