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Physicals Annual, Immigration, School, Employment, Camp

The best care

We can assist you with many different types of physicals at our office and try to make it as convenient as possible by being available mornings, evenings and weekends. 

Whether it's an ekg required for a sports physicals, vaccinations required for a school physical, drug testing required for an employment physical or the lab testing, x-ray and vaccines required for an immigration exam, we have everything you ned here at the office so you don't have to travel around town to get the requirements met.

No referral is ever needed and we do our best to see you the same day you need us if your problem requires immediate attention.

Some of the physicals we offer include:

    • Comprehensive annual / yearly physicals

    • Immigration physicals

    • School physicals

    • Camp physicals

    • Employment Physicals

    • Sports physical

If you have any questions about the types of physicals  we offer please call us now. at 305 448-8134. You may also schedule your own appointment online by clicking the book an appointment button below.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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