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Physicals and Wellness: Yearly, School, Camp, Immigration, Employment

Comprehensive yearly physicals, school physicals, camp physicals, immigration exams stop smoking, weight loss and more.......

Dermatology Services

Treatment of rashes, removal of skin moles, warts, plantar warts, drainage of abscess, skin exams, treatment of skin cancer, spider vein removal and more.....

Gynecology Services

Treatment of infections, pap smears, well woman exams, birth control counseling, pregnancy tests, removal of IUD's and implantable birth control devices and more.......

Urology Services
Ear, Nose, Eyes and Throat

Treatment of infections, ear wax removal and more............

Orthopedic Services

Treatment of sports injuries, back pain, arthritis, lacerations, minor fractures, sprains and more.......

Respiratory Services

Treatment of upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, asthma, flu shots and more........

Cardiology Services



Treatment of hypertension, high cholesterol, EKG, echocardiogram and more........

Uninsured Patients and Our Discount Medical Plan

We offer discounted fees for patients without insurance and even have our own Discount Medical Plan in house that makes healthcare affordable to all.

Happy Elderly Couple.

Dr. Mones is board certified in geriatrics and offers the very best medical care available to elderly patients.


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