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A note from Doctor Mones regarding his practice philosophy and staff:

It is my hope that this website demonstrates to those who are existing patients and those contemplating becoming patients our practice philosophy. We pride ourselves on offering a complete Family Practice, doing our very best to care for the vast majority of your family's health care needs in a kind, compassionate, respectful manner. To accomplish that goal, it is vital that our office staff function as a family as well. The core of our staff has worked together to care for you and your family members for years. Our relative new comers have meshed with our core staff to form what I like to consider a "family" within our Family Practice.

I thoroughly enjoy working with each and everyone one of my staff. I am hopeful that through the initial photos contained on this page and through additional photos added over time, you get to know just a little bit better the wonderful people that care for you in our office

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Team Get Together Take Me Out To The Ball Game


Halloween 2018


Holiday Party 2018


Holiday Party 2017

PA Week 2019
We Love Our PA's and Our Patients Do Too


Thanksgiving 2019

We are so very thankful for so many blessings and to have such an amazing staff

Thanksgiving 2019.JPG
Thanksgiving 2.jpg

Celebrating Arasay's USA Citizenship!


Heading 2

Brenda and Steph Decorating Our Tree 

Tree trim.jpg
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